SERIOUS JUVENILE OFFENSES (Revised October 1, 2013)

Statute Statute Description (including attempt or conspiracy) Class Type
21a-277 Sale, possession w/intent to sell drugs Unc F
21a-278 Sale, possession w/intent to sell drugs (non drug dependent) Unc F
29-33 Sale of a handgun D F
29-34 False info re sale of handgun/sale of a handgun to minor Unc/D F
29-35 Carrying a pistol without a permit D F
53-21(a)(2) & (3) Risk of injury to minor (under 16) B or C F
53-80a Manufacture of bombs B F
53-202b Sale of assault weapon C F
53-202c Possession of assault weapon D F
53-390 Extortionate extension of credit B F
53-391 Advances of money or property used for extortion B F
53-392 Participation or conspiracy in use of extortionate means B F
53a-54a Murder A F
53a-54b Capital felony / Murder with special circumstances A F
53a-54c Felony murder A F
53a-54d Arson murder A F
53a-55 Manslaughter 1st B F
53a-55a Manslaughter 1st w/firearm B F
53a-56 Manslaughter 2nd C F
53a-56a Manslaughter 2nd w/firearm C F
53a-56b Manslaughter 2nd w/motor vehicle C F
53a-57 Misconduct w/motor vehicle D F
53a-59 Assault 1st B F
53a-59a Assault of a victim >60 1st B F
53a-59b Assault of an employee of the Department of Corrections B F
53a-59c Assault of a pregnant woman resulting in termination of pregnancy A F
53a-60 Assault 2nd D F
53a-60a Assault 2nd w/firearm D F
53a-60b Assault of a victim >60 2nd D F
53a-60c Assault of a victim >60 2nd w/firearm D F
53a-64aa Strangulation 1st C F
53a-64bb Strangulation 2nd D F
53a-70 Sexual assault 1st B F
53a-70a Aggravated sexual assault 1st B F
53a-70b Sexual assault in spousal or cohabiting relationship B F
53a-70c Aggravated sexual assault of a minor A F
53a-71 Sexual assault 2nd C F
53a-72b Sexual assault 3rd w/firearm D F
53a-86 Promoting prostitution 1st B F
53a-92 Kidnapping 1st A F
53a-92a Kidnapping 1st w/firearm A F
53a-94 Kidnapping 2nd B F
53a-94a Kidnapping 2nd w/firearm B F
53a-95 Unlawful restraint 1st D F
53a-100aa Home Invasion A F
53a-101 Burglary 1st B F
53a-102a Burglary 2nd w/firearm C F
53a-103a Burglary 3rd w/firearm D F
53a-111 Arson 1st A F
53a-112 Arson 2nd B F
53a-113 Arson 3rd C F
53a-122(a)(1) Larceny by extortion B F
53a-123(a)(3) Theft from a person C F
53a-134 Robbery 1st B F
53a-135 Robbery 2nd C F
53a-136a Robbery involving an occupied motor vehicle Unc F
53a-167c Assault on peace officer, fireman, EMT or CO C F
53a-174(a) Unauthorized conveyance into a correctional facility D F
53a-196a Employing a minor in obscene performance A F
53a-211 Possession of a sawed off shotgun D F
53a-212 Theft of a firearm D F
53a-216 Criminal use of a firearm D F
53a-217b Possession of a firearm on school grounds D F
46b-120 Runaway from secure placement other than home while referred as a delinquent child to CSSD or committed to DCF as a Serious Juvenile Offender N/A N/A

Source: Francis J. Carino, Supervisory Assistant State’s Attorney; Email:

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